odbVideo | Digital Video Production

Creative Digital Video and Media Production for small businesses wanting to get a presence on YouTube. Perfect options for video training products, video testimonials and video event recording.

Creative Digital Video Production

Creative solutions for SMEs wanting to get a video presence on the web. We offer video testimonial production and video training production.

State of the Art

We use HD cameras for all our work as well as high quality microphones to ensure your first video presence on the web is of a high standard. You will not be disappointing with our creative video solutions.

Digital Video Production

All types of video production for small to medium sized businesses. We will help you get on to the web with creative video solutions.

What have we been up to?

As a creative digital video production house, we like to work on our own projects on the side. This is just some of the magnificent things we have produced before.

2011 Video Work Showreel

A collection of some of the work we are most proud of from 2011. It shows a selection from our personal projects, for A-Level art ...

Ditat Deus

Excerpt from a training DVD produced for Ditat Deus Ltd. DVD trains entrepreneurs in how to successfully tender for public contracts.

Good Life

Accapella version of Good Life by One Republic. All sounds were created by me, mostly through just my voice / mouth apart from the clap ...

The Choreographer

The story of a Choreographer who is trying to realise an idea in his imagination. It explores the links between imagination and reality and the ...


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